Microsoft 365 Business - Subscription/User/Month - Trial & Free Migration

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Microsoft 365 Businessnew Microsoft subscription service bundle, that lets you run your organization in the cloud while Microsoft takes care of the IT for you, managing devices, protecting against real-world threats, and providing your organization with the latest in business software. Available from Microsoft since November 2017

30 Day Trial 

Get your Trial and then convert to the lowest cost subscriptions for Microsoft 365 Business..

With the Trial & Subscription you get:

  1. All the features of Microsoft Office 365 Business Premium 
  2. 24 by 7 support, with average response time of 40 seconds, all issues supported. 
  3. FREE migration support for every customer migration.
  4. Extra Microsoft Services are included in the bundle:
    • Enhanced Security - Cross Platform
    • Device Management, Simplified Admin

Microsoft 365 Business was built for small and medium-sized customers that have few IT resources on staff and want best-in-class productivity and collaboration capabilities of Office 365 together with device management and security solutions that safeguard business data. The Microsoft 365 Business customer is ready to move their IT operations to the cloud and is interested in helping protect data on both company and employee-owned devices.

Microsoft 365 Business includes the latest versions of Windows and Office apps like Excel and Outlook (i.e. Microsoft Office 365 Business Premium plus extra bonuses).

Get up and running and take advantage of data protection and security that extends to all your business devices.

Extra Bonuses:

  1. Microsoft 365 Business provides an extra upgrade benefit, allowing those customers running genuine Windows 7, 8 or 8.1 Pro to upgrade to the most recent, genuine version of Windows 10 Pro.
  2. Microsoft 365 makes it easier to spin up new computers & devices that meet your company standards.
  3. If you don’t want to move your whole company at once, you don’t have to. Yocan mix and match Office 365 plans, you can have a mix of Office 365 and Microsoft 365 plans.

Our recommended best dealan Microsoft 365 Business subscriptionand then add the Option for full backup/recovery services for all you files as welle.g. add $1.00 to any Microsoft subscriptions plan and get 10GB of Online Backup storage to start backing up Office 365. The backup software and license are all free.

These Business Apps for Office are also included with Microsoft Office 365 Premium:

Outlook Customer Manager,
Microsoft Listings,
Microsoft Connections,
Microsoft Invoicing

A regular monthly payment of $20 per user per month is then arranged to begin
after the 30 day trial.

Provisioning of the software and services requires
some support and Q&A with our team.

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